ZHIERPIUS Manual Nose Hair Trimmer, Nose Hair Trimmer for Me…

Product Name: Nose Hair Trimmer
Material: 304 Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Weight: appro.81g
Size: 3x1.5x5cm(Length*Width*Height)
Box packing size:8cm * 6cm * 2cm

Package Content:
1 x Nose Hair Trimmer (with brush and retail box)

1.Small volume, convenient to carry, and safe.
2.The use of long as soon as possible, without grinding blade.
3.Cut disassembly instructions as soon as possible, more thoroughly clean the dirt of after use.
4.the industrial design elegant, exquisite combination between components.
5.Stainless Steel products manufacturing experience, as soon as possible, the world's leading is unique.
6.Do not insert the device further into your nostril or an ear hole than the narrow tip on the outer blade Also,do not press the trimmer forcefully into your nostril ,or ear hole .Do not attempt to use the device if the outer blade frame or blade are deformed or damaged ,as injury to your nostril or ear hole may occur .This trimmer is designed only for cutting nose or ear hairs.Do not attempt to use it for any other purpose .The blades have been precision manufactured.do not subject them to excessive force ,impact ,etc.
7.If used once a week for approx .1 min at a time ,the life of the blades is approx 3 years .

Tips For Best Use:
Please clean the boogers before using,or it will stick the nose hair together,and affect the using effect of the item.

The most effective method of use is to snap the trimmer repeatedly whilst moving the trimmers around. You can use these trimmers safely directly on the skin and push around into all corners, nooks and depths of your nose.

Keep snapping and moving the trimmers around inside your nose right up against the skin or areas where you have stubborn hairs. Move the trimmers around and use different angles. Use both the sides and top of the trimmers on problem areas. Take them out every now and again and either

Mechanical, can be operated by one handed manual quickly and simply.
No battery required, energy saving,environmental protection and safety.
Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and use anywhere or anytime.
Hello, if you encounter any problems, please contact me in time and I will arrange the best solution for you

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Introducing the ZHIERPIUS Manual Nose Hair Trimmer, a convenient and effective solution for keeping your nose hair in check. This sleek and portable trimmer is designed specifically for men, making it easy to rid unwanted nose hair with precision and ease. The compact size and manual operation make it perfect for travel or everyday grooming on-the-go. Say goodbye to unsightly nose hair and hello to a clean and fresh appearance with the ZHIERPIUS Manual Nose Hair Trimmer.


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